The best things to come out of a Whisky Barrel this side of the Scottish Highlands.
  • Oak, Whisky Barrel stave wall clock, with hand branded numbers

    This handmade, solid oak clock is made from the central stave of a reclaimed whisky barrel. The alluminium hands with branded time markers at 12 and 6, and quartz battery powered mechanism, makes a great feature and talking point in any room.

    Each stave was orignally handed crafted by a skilled barrel cooper and and aged differently, which adds to the unique character of each clock, no one is the same!

    Details: 94 - 96cm length
    Width 7 - 9 cm depending on each stave.
    French spade alluminium hands - quartz mechanism.

    As all items are handmade to order, they're all unique. Whilst every effort will be made to emulate the product shown in the images, variation is to be expected as we are working with reclaimed timber and oak barrels, including all metal work on any product. This can include, but is not limited to:

    •Slight colour variations
    •Slight size variations
    •Slight character variations